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BCMG invite Julian Anderson to pay tribute to Claude Debussy for Le Tombeau de Debussy.

Julian Anderson’s 2012 The Discovery of Heaven saw the Financial Times liken the composer to a ‘21st century Debussy’. In 2004, Anderson’s first Sound Investment The Book of Hours drew inspiration from two seminal works of French gothic illumination.

Le Tombeau de Debussy

Le Tombeau de Debussy will honour Claude Debussy as a founding father of modernity. Nearly 100 years ago, Henri Prunieres, director of La Revue Musicale commissioned a collection of new pieces by the most famous composers of the day, to honour Claude Debussy’s profound impact on musical tradition.

Now 100 years on, BCMG invite a string of international composers to contribute to a new, second Le Tombeau de Debussy.

With instrumentation faithful to the originals (save guitar), Le Tombeau de Debussy premieres Sunday 25 March 2018 at 4pm in Symphony Hall, as part of the CBSO’s two week Debussy Centenary.

Get tickets and read more about BCMG’s 21st century Le Tombeau de Debussy.

Le Tombeau de Debussy will provide audiences with a unique opportunity to compare past and present musical views on one endless source of inspiration.

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