Student discussing their composition with composer Fraser Trainer and BCMG Musician


BCMG’s Sequenza project is one example of our projects for secondary schools. They are inspired by Luciano Berio’s virtuosic Sequenzas for solo instruments. A BCMG musician and composer spend time with a GCSE or A Level group helping to shape compositions which the musician will record at the end of the project.

Composers leading this project have included: Tansy Davies, John Woolrich, David Horne, Jackie Walduck, Fraser Trainer Duncan Chapman, Charlotte Bray and Peter Wiegold. Though the use of traditional notation is encouraged, the young people also use graphic notation or a mixture of both to communicate and share their ideas. We also run a version of the project that uses live electronics.

For more information and to find out whether your school can participate in these workshops, email Naomi Wellings, Learning Co-ordinator.

Pupils were able to hear their ideas performed at various points in the composition process. It was a thrill for the students and allowed them to consider other phrasing and interpretations.

Zoe Robbins, Head of Music, Turves Green Girls School

Being able to have a professional musician play my piece and record it, made me concentrate more throughout the project. Also it gives you more confidence the fact that they are willing to help.

I liked writing the piece and then hearing it played back on the saxophone

It helped me develop my ideas and be more confident.