a Families@4 concert with Joby Burgess

Families@4 Concerts

BCMG presents regular Families@4 performances, aiming to introduce young people and their families to the very best contemporary classical music in the most engaging way possible, always respecting young people as open-minded and discriminating listeners. These late afternoon bite-size concerts take place on the same day as BCMG regular concerts and explore two or three pieces from the evening performance in a relaxed and informal way. The BCMG Learning Team run craft and music activities based on the concert programme an hour before the performance. Ages 7+ recommended.

I had fun using my imagination like we were under the sea or flying in the air.

I liked every minute of it. It was fun, wicked and quite exciting.

I liked the sounds, how they combined them together the best. I loved everything. I would describe the concert as one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

Young people

BCMG’s hour-long performance combined music, theatre, video and lighting in a truly inventive way, one that was engaging and stimulated the imagination. In an ideal world, all performances of contemporary music would be like this. Here BCMG really have thrown down the gauntlet for others.
Rating ★★ ★ ★ ★

Birmingham Post

It is evident that in most cases the whole family (including parents and sometimes grandparents) are able to enjoy the concert and family workshops- it is not just tailored for the children. BCMG have been able to obtain the difficult balance of delivering a family event which appeals to ALL the family.


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