Participants at a Music Maze with flautist Tony Robb

Music Maze

Music Maze is a series of creative music-making workshops which take place on Sundays about once a month throughout the year at CBSO Centre. The workshops are linked to music from BCMG concerts and led by Director of Learning & Participation Nancy Evans. The workshops are a fun opportunity for young people just starting to play a musical instrument or thinking about doing so to create their own music with other young people. Everyone is welcome whether they play a musical instrument or not. Each workshop culminates in a performance for parents and family.

All workshops are completely free but we do ask that you book a place in advance as places are limited. Booking remains open throughout the year and you can find out when the workshops are by clicking here.

It’s funky and always leads to a fun adventure!

I like that everyone can join in and everyone can participate and you can play anything no matter who you are.

It’s great fun and the staff are super friendly.

Music Maze participant

The boys love Music Maze. They are very keen to continue and work towards Arts Award. Very well staffed by enthusiastic, talented, friendly musicians.

Highly imaginative, innovative, stimulating, wide ranging input, suits all ages and abilities, delightful atmosphere.

They have learned an open and interactive approach to composition with a greater understanding of non-traditional form offered in mainstream education.


Participants are now able to work towards Arts Award Explore through our workshops. Click here for more information on Arts Award.

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