A 'conductor's eye view' of Crowd Out

Thank you to all of our Crowd Out vocalists!

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Last Sunday (8 June) saw BCMG, Music Director Simon Halsey, 20 Vocal Leaders and 1000 amazing vocalists give two spectacular world premiere performances of American composer David Lang’s new piece Crowd Out in the enormous atrium of Millennium Point, Birmingham.

Recruited from all over Birmingham and beyond – with some people coming from as far afield as Milton Keynes, North Wales and London – our 1000 vocalists gave up hours of their free time to rehearse the piece in smaller groups in the weeks leading up to last weekend, before coming together as the full 1000 for a dress rehearsal on Saturday 7 June and the performances on the Sunday.

We’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to all those who took part, added their voice and became part of of our Crowd Out community!

Quite a few of our 1000 had no musical experience to draw on through the process – and due to the size and complexity of the piece even those used to performing were outside of their comfort zone – which makes the feat even more impressive.

We appreciate that the concentration required to perform the piece (including the added actions devised by Director James Yarker), the sheer size of it all and the complexity of Crowd Out‘s structure meant that many of those taking part won’t have been able to fully appreciate how wonderful the piece looked and sounded, so we thought it would be nice to include a few images and links to reviews of the piece (below and in the right-side column).

We did film both Crowd Out performances and we will upload the resulting video in a few weeks’ time once we’ve had time to properly edit the footage and audio!

Crowd Out vocalists singing

Crowd Out vocalists with their fists raised

Crowd Out group Yellow One

Crowd Out performers on the stairs at Millennium Point

Crowd Out vocalists on an escalator

Crowd Out vocalists singing 'I am silent and I keep to myself'

Crowd Out vocalists from above

The view of Crowd Out from the back of the auditorium

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