Rip, paint and fold your way to Families@4!

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Families@4: Field Notes is based around a piece called Field Notes, a musical and visual collaboration between composer Howard Skempton and visual artist Matthew Harris.

Matthew created some amazing textile artworks by ripping, tearing, folding, painting, cutting, drawing and sewing and we want you to do the same!

Get involved!
For the ambitious families among you we are asking you to create your own mini collage to bring with you to the pre-concert activities. You can use material, paper, paint, cloth, ink – all sorts – it’s up to you!

For an hour before the performance on Sunday 19 October, families will have the opportunity to take part in activities relating to the concert. One of the activities will involve creating a giant collage. This is where ‘the ones you made earlier’ can be joined together with others as part of a bigger work, as well as adding more on the spot. Then during the concert, we will explore what the collage might sound like when interpreted as music!

Near the beginning of the project Matthew and Howard visited the Shropshire Archives and looked at some ancient maps which provided inspiration for their work. You can read all about it here and watch videos of Matthew and Howard talking about their artistic work.

Below you can watch a few video clips showing Matthew at work. These can provide you with some inspiration to get you started. If you like, email us some pictures of your work in progress and we can add them to this post.

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