Rumpelstiltskin holding up gold bars

BCMG withdraws David Sawer’s mad boy, clever girl - replacement concert on 9 May 2015


It is with enormous disappointment that we have withdrawn David Sawer’s mad boy, clever girl staging from BCMG’s programme next summer. We have never shied away from bold, ambitious projects such as this – as exemplified by our recent premiere of David Lang’s 1,000-voice spectacular Crowd Out earlier this summer. The Sawer project is, however, an even more ambitious undertaking. When we premiered the larger of these two wonderful stage works Rumpelstiltskin in 2009/10, we were able to call on significant public investment alongside income from private supporters and touring venues. In today’s more austere climate, we were attempting to stage this double bill with substantially less public support and far greater private investment – a sphere in which BCMG has an excellent track record. In the end, despite significant progress and our best efforts, we have decided the challenge is too great and that it would be financially imprudent to proceed. We greatly regret having to let down composer and artists, and all those audience members who, like us, were excited at the prospect of experiencing these wonderful pieces. We hope that BCMG can return to them in future years.

We are pleased to be able to announce that in its place will be a concert celebrating the brilliance of David Sawer and connections to his music on Saturday 9 May 2015 – with works by Sawer, Gérard Pesson, Gerald Barry, Mauricio Kagel and Igor Stravinsky. For more information please visit the What’s On pages of our website.

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