Sound Investment

Over 400 people, from all over the world, have supported Sound Investment since its launch in 1991, collectively donating more than a quarter of a million pounds to the creation of new music. Sound Investment has been vital in establishing a vibrant catalogue of more than 90 works from the world’s leading composers.

Sound Investment provides the crucial financial support for BCMG to commission more music than would otherwise be possible. Supporters follow the journey of a new work, supporting composers at all stages in their careers.

Have you ever wanted to support a composer writing their next masterpiece?

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You can support Sound Investment from a one-off donation of just £20. In return, you’ll receive updates on the progress of the work you are supporting and and an invitation to a reception at the premiere.

For £15 a month (for a minimum of 10 months) you will be invited to rehearsals of your piece and thanked personally in the score.

To read more about becoming a Learning donor, or to make a donation click here.

…the best way yet invented to bring new music into existence.