Support Hilda Parede's visionary new Sound Investment piece: The Young Person's Guide to the Contemporary Ensemble. 

Like Britten’s famous work of similar title, The Young Person’s Guide to the Contemporary Music Ensemble will introduce younger audiences to contemporary music, its instruments, the sounds they make, and the thoughts and feelings that produce new ideas.

When composing, Paredes' treats instruments as if they were characters in a play. It is this approach she intends to use when structuring The Young Person’s Guide to the Contemporary Music Ensemble, each instrument prominent at different stages throughout the course of the piece. This will create distinctive sections for each instrument or group of instruments, creating a musical dramaturgy that will help young audiences identify different instruments and their techniques, as well as firing their imaginations. 

BCMG sees a huge opportunity in working with this commission to build on the work we already do with young people, in and out of school. We believe that making contemporary music accessible will help ensure the next generation of contemporary music composers, performers, audiences, and supporters... like you!

The Young Person's Guide to the Contemporary Music Ensemble will educate and inspire, helping young people discover their passion for music.

BCMG Musicians (Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trombone, tuba, harp, percussion, violin, viola, cello and double bass) will rehearse at CBSO Centre ahead of the World Premiere at Birmingham Town Hall. This venue has been specially chosen due to it's adaptability and capacity to host a 360 degree performance, which will complement the way that movement is incorporated into the piece.

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For £20, you'll be a Note Maker and invited to an open rehearsal. 

Sound Investors and up get to attend ALL rehearsals, including the first (many think this is the best - the music has never been heard before!).

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For £150, you will be thanked personally in the first pages of the score. 

Whenever and wherever the piece is played again you'll be recognised for your part bringing it into existence! 

ALL supporters, at all levels, get the chance to purchase a score, signed by the composer. 

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Commissioners get all of this, and more – special opportunities to meet the composer and an invitation to a BCMG VIP event.

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