On 18 November 2018, BCMG will give the Birmingham premiere of Oliver Knussen’s RPS Award shortlisted O Hototogisu - fragment of a japonisme at CBSO Centre. We were extremely sad to learn of 'Olly's' passing in July and look forward to the piece being performed in Birmingham for the first time.

Scored for large ensemble, flautist Marie-Christine Zupancic and soprano Claire Booth, O Hototogisu sets selected haiku of the Japanese poet Hiroshige, amongst others, to music inspired by the call of the hototogisu, or lesser-spotted cuckoo, a bird of symbolic significance in Japanese art and culture.


BCMG will give the Birmingham premiere of O Hototogisu at CBSO Centre on 18 November 2018. 

For more information and to book tickets click here.

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