March workshop

3 March 2019, 10am
CBSO Centre

Creative Composing Lab is specially designed to allow young people the opportunity to compose music with and for professional musicians, guided by the expert knowledge of composer/workshop leader David Horne.

This workshop will offer an exciting opportunity to compose for the voice, joined by oboe, violin and piano. In addition to working on your composition skills in general we will explore the nature of the voice and the other instruments being written for. We will also consider the relationship between text and music, exploring different ways of writing naturally for the voice while using word-painting and thinking dramatically. You are encouraged to bring a poem, or any other text you would like to set. We will also consider setting the same text in different ways!

If you love creating music or you need ideas for your GCSE, BTEC or A-level composition, Creative Composing Lab is for you.

Participants need some notation skills. Family and friends are welcome to the free performance of all music created at 5pm.

Places are free, but need to be booked in advance. A suggested donation of £12 per participant will ensure we can continue our workshop programme.

Booking opens on Monday 5 November.