All benefits relate to the commission you choose. Any funds raised in excess of the commission cost will go towards the cost of the premiere.

Note Maker
£20 and up or minimum £5 per month*

As a Note Maker you will receive the following benefits:

i. Subscription to BCMG e-news and Sound Investment e-news
ii. Updates on the composer and the progress of their work
iii. Invitation to one rehearsal and special reception at the premiere
iv. Opportunity to purchase a signed score

Sound Investor
£150 and up or minimum £15 per month*

As a Sound Investor you will receive all the benefits of a Note Maker, plus:

i. Invitation to rehearsals of your piece
ii. Thanked for support in the score
iii. A signed copy of the score cover received at the premiere

£500 and up or minimum £50 per month*

Commissioners receive all the benefits of a Sound Investor, plus:

i. Special opportunity to meet the composer and/or performers
ii. Invitation to one VIP event
iii. Special season review letter from BCMG’s Artistic Director

Sole Commissioner
gift dependent on commission

i. Opportunities to commission a new work with bespoke benefits tailored specially to your level of engagement.

*for a minimum of 10 months