Birmingham Contemporary Music Group has forged a new partnership with Birmingham Trees for Life, as they prepare for their concert T R E E in spring 2021.

Birmingham Trees for Life is the city’s dedicated tree planting charity. Every winter, volunteers help to plant trees in public open spaces across the city, and since 2006 BTfL has planted over 90,000 trees. Trees are known to have a huge range of benefits to the urban environment, including reducing the effects of air pollution, reducing the likelihood of flash flooding, supporting wildlife, absorbing carbon dioxide and raising wellbeing.

BCMG’s partnership with BfTL comes as the ensemble prepares for its concert T R E E in spring 2021.

T R E E will include the world premiere of Christian Mason’s new Sound Investment commission ‘The Singing Tree’, with text by Paul Griffiths, and ‘Concertini for ensemble’ by Helmut Lachenmann.

BCMG also plans to offer a wide range of resources and creative music-making activities for young people, related to environmental matters.

BCMG Artistic Director Stephan Meier comments, “During the past couple of years, a number of composers have told me of their intention to write music inspired by nature, trees in particular. We believe great art should grow from a sound relationship with nature; as I write, Christian Mason is busy composing a sort of oratorio in the shape of a tree, based on a libretto specifically written for this occasion by Paul Griffiths. We are delighted to partner with Birmingham Trees for Life as we prepare for the World Premiere of The Singing Tree, and I hope that our work together will ensure that the impact of this music goes way beyond the concert hall.”

Geoff Cole, Chairman of Birmingham Trees for Life, comments: “Trees are so important, especially in a large industrial city like Birmingham, and if we want less pollution, less flooding and cleaner air we simply have to plant more trees! By partnering with organisations around the city, including BCMG, we can help to get the message out about the importance of trees to our environment.”

Full details of the T R E E concert and associated tree-related activities will be released in the new year.