In May 2017, pupils from Hodge Hill School, Birmingham took over BCMG's family concert as part of a national Cultural Citizen's Programme. Read more

Big Ears

BCMG’s schools concerts and associated workshops were aimed at pupils from Key Stage 2 and aimed to introduce young people to the very best contemporary classical music in the most imaginative way possible. Read more

Imagine Compose

Imagine Compose was a partnership with Birmingham Music Service which aimed to encourage and nurture beginner instrumentalists to compose and improvise from the beginning of their musical lives. Read more


MiniFest involved pupils from two Year 3 classes working with artists, composers and musicians through a series of workshops to create a day long mini-festival in their school on a theme of their choosing. Read more


The Sequenza project was inspired by Luciano Berio’s virtuosic Sequenzas for solo instruments and involved a BCMG musician and composer working with a GCSE or A Level group across a series of workshops. Read more


Resolution brought together composers and biomedical scientists from the University of Birmingham’s Rheumatology Research Group to work with young people to create new music around the theme of auto-immune disease. Read more