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  • Behind-the-scenes updates
  • An invitation to rehearsals & world premiere reception
  • Your special person's name in the score (Sound Investor level up)
  • The opportunity to buy a score signed by the composer
  • Personalised gift voucher sent when & where you choose

We'll send your loved one regular behind-the-scenes updates on the piece they're supporting, from the composer and BCMG.

They'll hear first about exciting developments with the piece and an invitation to a reception at the world premiere.

We'll send them a personalised gift voucher when and where you choose. Or if you prefer, we can send it to you, to further personalise and give when the time is right.

Attend rehearsals

There’s something magic about being in the room as a new piece is prepared for its first ever performance.

We’ve heard this time and again from the hundreds of supporters across the years. Rehearsals provide unparalleled access to the music. 

For £20+, Note Makers are invited to an open rehearsal.

Sound Investors and up get to attend ALL rehearsals, including the first (many think this is the best - the music has never been heard before)!

Named in the score

For £150, your loved one will be thanked personally in the first pages of the score. 

Whenever and wherever the piece is played again they'll be recognised for their part bringing it into existence! 

ALL supporters, at all levels, get the chance to purchase a score, signed by the composer. 

These are exclusive perusal scores available only for supporters.

Commissioners get all of this, and more – special opportunities to meet the composer and an invitation to a BCMG VIP event.

Peter Eötvös

Peter Eötvös's new chamber opera, Secret Kiss, is based on Alessandro Baricco’s novel Silk and takes its title from a scene in the book, the story of a French silkworm trader who travels to Japan and becomes obsessed with the concubine of local baron.

BCMG will give the world premiere of its English version at Wigmore Hall on 24 June 2020

Repeat Birmingham performance to be confirmed.

A global commission from an acclaimed opera composer

Secret Kiss is receiving performances all over the world by our international commissioning partners Casa da Música Porto (Remix Ensemble), Plural Ensemble Madrid, Bunka Kaikan Tokyo, Musikfabrik Cologne and MÜPA Budapest. Gageego Ensemble gave the world premiere in Gothenburg this year.

Composer, conductor and teacher, Peter Eötvös combines all three roles in one very high-profile career. His music features regularly in the programmes of orchestras, contemporary music ensembles and festivals worldwide, and as composer and conductor he has led projects focusing on his work in cities across the globe.

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All Sound Investment benefits relate to your chosen commission. Any funds raised in excess of the commission cost will go towards the cost of the performance.

Note Maker

£20 and up or minimum £5 per month*

As a Note Maker you will receive the following benefits:

  • Updates on the composer and the progress of their work
  • Invitation to one rehearsal and special reception at the premiere
  • Opportunity to purchase a signed score

Sound Investor

£150 and up or minimum £15 per month*

As a Sound Investor you will receive all the benefits of a Note Maker, plus:

  • Invitation to rehearsals of your piece
  • Thanked for support in the score
  • A signed copy of the score cover received at the premiere


£500 and up or minimum £50 per month*

Commissioners receive all the benefits of a Sound Investor, plus:

  • Special opportunity to meet the composer and/or performers
  • Invitation to one VIP event
  • Special season review letter from BCMG’s Artistic Director

*for a minimum of 10 months