Help BCMG support our musicians & artists

As if the career of freelance musicians weren't challenging enough, the coronavirus epidemic has already taken its toll on the short term financial stability of the incredible artists we have the privilege to work with right across our programme.

This isn't just something confined to contemporary music either, but all of UK, perhaps global, art and culture. 

In difficult times, the importance of music, and ensuring it endures, is imperative. 

How you can help 

That is why we're asking for your help. We need to fundraise for the artists and musicians most challenged by current world events.

We are already exploring new ways to engage our artists and musicians in the short term, offering them stability and ensuring the future of our work, for them, for us, for you. 

You can make a donation on this page. Even a small amount will help. 

Thank you for your support of BCMG and our artists. 

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