There is currently little contemporary music for young performers; as a result students wishing to explore the repertoire  have few options and are often left discouraged by harder pieces. 

To address this, BCMG invites selected commissioned composers to create short pieces for beginner to intermediate players. These pieces are then made available on our Learning Resources website, for music teachers and students around the world to access and play.

The ability to learn and play new music helps to expand the breadth of skill and the creativity of young players in Birmingham and beyond.

To set up a regular donation to our Learning programme please specify the monthly amount you wish to give under ‘Other’.

Minimum monthly donation of £5 for 10 months.

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Resource Maker

£20 and up or minimum £5 per month*

As a Resource Maker you will receive the following benefits:

  • Subscription to Learning e-news
  • Invitation to all learning and participation performances and workshops (admission not included where charged)

Creativity Investor

£250 and up or minimum £25 per month*

As a Creativity Investor you will receive all of the benefits of a Resource Maker, plus:

  • Additional benefits tailored to the designation of the gift
  • Invitation to one VIP event

Learning Commissioner

£1,000 and up or minimum £100 per month*

As a Learning Commissioner you will receive all of the benefits of a Creativity Investor, plus:

  • Invitation to a Major Donor event with the Artistic Director and Board Chair.

*for a minimum of 10 months