NEXT Musician 2018-19

Iris van den Bos (1995) is a percussionist from the Netherlands. She obtained her Bachelor's Degree at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. During her studies she got in contact with a lot of ensemble and contemporary music. That's how she found out her passion about playing together with other people. She loves to work closely with composers and discuss about about sounds and musical lines in a composition. You get the feeling of composing a piece together. Iris will start her Master studies this year at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

Why are you looking forward to taking part in NEXT?

NEXT is an amazing opportunity for me to play and perform alongside musicians from the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group. Working closely with composers, performers and conductors, learning how to bring contemporary music to the audience and building a new ensemble is what I am really looking forward to. As a percussionist I like to find out about new possibilities in sound and music, so working with composers and very experienced performers is very exciting. 

The NEXT programme will be a huge contribution to develop my knowledge of contemporary music and to become a successful contemporary music performer. I can't wait to start this intense and unique experience!