Born 1984 Achern/Germany, currently Essen/Germany
Wilde Lieder Marx.Music Sound Art Winner

Johannes Winkler is an artistic researcher and composer. He studied at Folkwang University of the Arts Essen, and is currently at Tamil Culture Fine Arts Academy Germany. His work includes compositions of contemporary music, visual and conceptual arts, software prototypes, instrumental experiments and 'aesthetic learning contexts'.

The basis of his recent works is his ongoing project SAC (subjective autocollages), a 'recursive interaction' between individual experiences and a simple software that supports to condense subjectivity, questioning his own relations to languages, logics, dreams and social acts.

At present he is studying South Indian music, especially in form of the rhythm language konnakol and its further experimental applications. He engages with Anushaant Nayinai Wijayan (master of mridangam) to publicize its possibilities for didactics of rhythm (inspired also by the proposals of Rafael Reina).

Joint winner with Elisabeth Anna Maria Kaiser

tetralemmatic roses for a birthday

To his birthday we give Karl Marx composed roses that are arranged in the pathway of a tetralemma, which originates from the Indian logic. It can serve as a scheme of action between idealism and materialism: the struggle of divalent opposites as the motor of any development, as in Hegel's dialectics, is included as a core, it then becomes located stepwise in its respective context. Unlike Hegel, this development is one that opens the still unknown (10 seconds silence) in which then can be 'jumped' as a last step:

1-Red Rose    |    2-White Rose    |    3-(1∧2)    |    4-(¬3)-Blackberry Rose:

Singer and composer Elisabeth Anna Maria Kaiser transforms her communion and interactions with her special artistic partners, real roses, her conviction that consciousness is a fundamental part of the universe and the synesthetic way of her perception into a direct holistic expression of voice and body. Also different parts of the plants become filters and instruments within the interactions. People who receive such a rose can hear and feel nearly unlimited the transformation of their plant.

5-(¬ ¬4)-Little White Duck (Raag!):

Within the instant composition Elisabeth’s voice became alive, transformed into a little white duck expressing through her consciousness, voice and body.