Head of Finance

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Lakshmi is Head of Finance for Birmingham Contemporary Music Group where he has worked since 2021.

A brief history

Lakshmi graduated with a Degree in Commerce and completed a Chartered Accountancy qualification from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in November 1985, and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales in August 2021. After a long spell in the commercial sector in India, Middle East, and in the United Kingdom, Lakshmi made the move to the charity sector, fulfilling a life-long desire to give back to society.

Fun facts

Outside of work, Lakshmi loves to cook and enjoys volunteering with the Canal and River Trust and other charities.

Best thing about working at BCMG?

"I've been been a fan of Indian and Western classical music since my childhood, but BCMG provides a unique take on modern music which is eclectic and refreshing. Attending BCMG concerts has been a delightful experience and with the Covid restrictions lifted, I look forward to more BCMG concerts in Birmingham and elsewhere. I've been a resident of Birmingham for over 20 years and have seen the city transform into a worthy competitor to London commercially and artistically."