Margaret began playing with BCMG about six months after joining the CBSO as principal Contrabassoonist. What she enjoys most is working with composers who really understand and write well for the Contrabassoon. She also takes part in education work and plays the Heckelphone.

Margaret has three standout memories of playing with BCMG. First of all, taking part in the Group’s Bitter Fruit project (such fun!), this project gave her a deeper understanding of the music of John Woolwich and also how beautifully he writes for Contrabassoon. It was playing his music over the years that made Margaret choose John to write her a piece Falling Down for contra and orchestra, a piece she premiered with the CBSO in July 2009.

Her second standout memory was having Colin Matthews write two unaccompanied contra pieces for her, which she has performed during a BCMG concert and at the International Double Reed Conference. These pieces have never been published … maybe they will one day …

Last but by no means least, BCMG’s trip to New York in 2008 to give the ensemble’s first ever performance at the prestigious Carnegie Hall was an all-round fabulous experience!