A fine summer breeze, stone arches framed by delicate trees, the warm voice of Ulrich Heinen's cello…

Join us beneath a blanket of stars on Thursday 20 August, at 6pm, in Brindleyplace’s Central Square for a live concert of cosmic music.

As a prelude to our forthcoming outdoor performance of Sternklang (Star Sound) in Hannover later this month, BCMG’s cellist Ulrich Heinen will perform an enchanting programme of contemporary works, which includes Stockhausen’s Zodiac. Inspired by the star signs and the composer’s own impressions of people’s zodiacal personality traits, the 12 melodies each have their own character - from Aquarius to Capricorn, “one will discover many legitimacies”… Run in partnership with Ikon, this event is free. 

See the event page for more details