Birmingham Contemporary Music Group will perform a programme of music exploring the life and works of Karl Marx at Kings Place on Wednesday 24 October, 8pm.

Given an open brief simply to ‘compose a work inspired by the life, work or ideas of Karl Marx’ from Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, composers Celeste Oram (New Zealand/ USA), Frédéric Pattar (France) and Robert Reid Allan (UK) each responded in contrasting and provoking ways: two hundred years since Marx was born his ideas resonate.

The concert will be conducted by Michael Wendeberg and will feature soprano Elizabeth Atherton. Celeste Oram’s Pierrot Laborieux [work & The Work] examines the idea of musical work – is a musician’s or composer’s artistry truly free labour? Is the music they create a ‘commodity’ we buy, sell and consume? French composer Frédéric Pattar uses the phenomenon of economic Deflation to sculpt a vivid sonic interpretation of the rise – then fall – of wealth in a capitalist system. And Robert Reid Allan collaborated with Gareth Mattey to imagine Terry Helenson’s Revolutionary Dreams: a man, once boldly protesting Marxist ideals, now confined to a humdrum life in the City. At night, his mind awakens...

Tickets are £10 (£5 for under 25s) and are available from 


Celeste Oram (b.1990) Pierrot Laborieux [work & The Work]SI(2018), 11′ 
Frédéric Pattar (b.1969 Deflation - Eine Kleine MarxmusikBCMG (2018), 10′
Robert Reid Allan (b.1991) Terry Helenson’s Revolutionary DreamsSI(2018), 21′

SI BCMG Sound Investment Commission BCMG BCMG Commission

Michael Wendeberg Conductor
Elizabeth Atherton Soprano

Dr Johan Siebers Director Ernst Bloch Centre for German Thought
Dr Paul Archbold SAS Research Fellow (Music and Language) at School of Advanced Study, University of London.
Stephan Meier Artistic Director Birmingham Contemporary Music Group

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Seb Huckle, Marketing Manager: [email protected] / 0121 616 2619