Sound Imaginations is BCMG’s main programme of composing workshops in secondary schools. BCMG has been delivering composing projects in secondary schools for over 20 years and we are committed to ensuring that composing with young people is creative and musical whether this is through open composing briefs or within particular styles or genres.

BCMG are offering whole day composing workshops in school or, when possible, at CBSO Centre. Workshops can either focus on the curriculum or be enrichment activities. Most activity happens with Years 9, 10 and 11.

Example workshops include:

  • Using note/tone rows and/or rhythm patterns as a starting point for composing
  • Using images, film or text (poetry, stories) as a starting point for composing
  • Composing for a solo piece for a BCMG musician
  • Using a piece of repertoire as the inspiration for composing new work (this can be linked to a BCMGconcert visit)
  • Creative ensemble – composing and improvising in a group context

 Cost £750

Discount cost for Birmingham schools £150 (for the first 6 schools in any academic year).