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A fascinating interplay of tones and sounds emerges over the course of the evening. And in fact, the very strong effect of this event intensifies more and more, the darker it gets and the more the sounds are immersed in the upcoming night. The already more than atmospheric backdrop of the mountain garden would have been enough. But there were also cloud constellations in the sky that were coordinated with the evening, their dissolution, and the clear view of the moon towards the end of the performance.

“Sternklang” is not primarily about listening to music, it is about an overall experience of what can be heard and where it can be heard. The listener, and the musician, are all in direct contact with nature. That worked out wonderfully that evening. And this original connection with nature has a very grounding effect, which is important and beneficial, especially under the influence of the current situation. It was a long evening, but everyone who held out until the end was enriched with an overall experience of sound and nature that will remain unique in this form.

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