Schools are often the first place young people are exposed to music education. They provide an ongoing resource for development, from primary school through higher education. However, changes to the music and art elements of the national curriculum, along with annual cuts in overall school funding have left little or no resources in place to support music education within many of our schools.

To address this critical need, BCMG provides primary and secondary schools with a unique combination of workshops for students and continuing professional development for teachers. This enables young people to embrace creative music making and gives teachers the confidence and skills to create music with their students for years to come.

This work would not be possible without philanthropic support. Your donation will directly support BCMG’s engagement within our schools and create lasting, meaningful impact.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this in a primary school ever before. It has been absolutely wonderful today, with the sounds filling the school as you go around… The kids have had an absolutely fantastic time.’

Mr J. Hill, Head teacher, The Oaks Primary School

The best CPD I’ve ever had in terms of catering for my needs as a teacher and a musician.’ -

Sarah Henton, Head of Music, Heart of England School, Listen Imagine Compose CPD

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Resource Maker

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Creativity Investor

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