Summer - Winter Concerts & Events 2022

Welcome to BCMG's new season! In keeping with the Birmingham motto, we are always moving forward, and we are pretty excited to share an eclectic array of musical experiences, from a romantic soundscape under the stars, intimate concerts with an electronic fusion, to an actual birthday party! Read more

An Invitation to Compose in Primary Schools

Listen Imagine Compose Primary Composer Richard Barnard writes about his composing practice and his work in Horfield Primary School as part of the project, including an invitation to all schools compose. Read more

Q&A with Opera Composer Michael Zev Gordon

In the build-up to The Barber Opera, Raising Icarus we have asked composer Michael Zev Gordon a few questions on composing for an opera, musical voices, and the story of Icarus itself. Read more

Sir Harrison Birtwistle

We are devastated to learn that composer Sir Harrison Birtwistle has passed away. Sir Harrison Birtwistle's music has been a prominent part of Birmingham Contemporary Music Group programming since its founding. Read more

Rehearsing an Opera, with Michael Zev Gordon

With Michael Zev Gordon's Raising Icarus Opera, and BCMG's NEXT Concert of his works fast approaching, the composer has given us an insight into what it feels like to essentially hand your work over to musicians and have them add their own voice. Read more

Who Gets to Compose?

As BCMG prepares to launch its brand-new project, BCMG Young Composers, Nancy our Director of Learning, reflects on why this is important to her, and to new generations of young musicians. Read more

Cherry Blossom Concert, at last

Two weeks ago Birmingham Contemporary Music Group finally had their Cherry Blossom Concert in collaboration with Ikon Gallery, after 2 years of postponements! Read all about it. Read more

Pierrot lunaire, Tears of a Clown

With our 'Do we need a new compass?' concert tour starting on the 10th of this month, our NEXT Project Manager has written about the culturally significant 'Pierrot Lunaire' by Arnold Schoenberg, and how its origins have inspired musicians and visual artists alike. Read more

Q&A with Composer Frédéric Pattar

In the build-up to our two exciting performances of the unnervingly beautiful works of Frédéric Pattar, we have asked Frédéric a few questions! Frédéric Pattar & French ensemble L’instant donné will be visiting Birmingham this February to work with BCMG's early career NEXT musicians. Read more

Children as Composers - A Manifesto

BCMG’s exciting new learning project Listen Imagine Compose Primary is underpinned by a Manifesto of 16 beliefs about children as composers and composing in primary schools. Read more

New Year, New Concerts

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group have announced their Jan to June 2022 season full of concerts and live music. Read more and listen to some inspiring contemporary music. Read more

Music Inspired by the Night

In the build up to Birmingham Contemporary Music Group's autumnal Nights concerts in Birmingham & Bristol, we are taking a closer look at the exciting and evocative music created about space and the night. Read more