Iannis Xenakis 100

Sun 29 May 2022



In celebration of revolutionary composer Iannis Xenakis’s centenary, Birmingham Contemporary Music Group have created a festival for all senses, with partners from Sound and Music, University of Birmingham, and PRiSM (Royal Northern College of Music).

Join us in the afternoon for a family drop-in session; Drawing Scoring, talks from our partners at University of Birmingham and PRiSM, and for an invigorating performance from our musicians in the evening.

We are proud to celebrate the communal and creative beliefs of Xenakis, by sharing music from young participants in Birmingham and showing the beauty of maths through sensory visuals and sounds.

This will be a wonderful day of activity culminating in an evening performance of electro-acoustic music by BCMG and BEAST.




/performing /drawing /scoring

CBSO Centre


Join us for the afternoon celebrations of composer Iannis Xenakis’s centenary!

We will be performing exciting pieces of his work alongside visuals by animator Simon Russell and mathematician Marcus de Sautoy.

Come see, and hear, the selected digital compositions created by young participants in Birmingham during our Drawing Scoring Workshop. At this workshop people of all ages were invited to use the free software Synethesia to draw and create their own scores using brush strokes and shapes, inspired by Xenakis’s work, these pieces were then re-instrumented for BCMG performers.

We will also hear BCMG NEXT, our early career musicians perform some of Xenakis’s well-known work.

Arne Deforce, Solo Cello


Iannis Xenakis (b.1922)  Nomos Alpha (1966) 12’
Anaktoria (1969) 11’
Phlegra (1975) 14’




∞ (infinity)

CBSO Centre


In the 1950’s Iannis Xenakis was employed in the LeCorbusier’s offices for architecture and was viewed as an outsider by many of his peers for his orchestral, vocal, and electronic music. He applied maths, random probability, and graphic software to sound, creating worlds previously unheard of. Ironically, these musical pieces revealed both the most inner simplicity and complexities of music despite him coming to composition as a “musical outsider”.

On 29th May 2022, we are celebrating Xenakis’s legacy by presenting some of his classics, pieces less frequently heard, and dramatic new works linking maths and music.


Anna Dennis, Soprano

Gabriella Teychenné, Conductor

Iannis Xenakis  Jalons (1986) 15’
Ittidra (1996) 9’
Akanthos (1977) 11’
Emily Howard  Compass SI commission (2022) World Premiere
Samantha Fernando  Breathing Forest* (2022) World Premiere 15‘ 

 *Commissioned with Sound and Music




Acousmatic Concert w/ BEAST

The Exchange, Birmingham


Join the finale of our Iannis Xenakis 100 celebration with an immersive electroacoustic performance with BEAST. BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre) is a complex sound system of the University of Birmingham’s Electroacoustic Music Studios and are recognised as one of the leading groups for presenting electronic music and soundscapes.

During this ambient evening, we will also hear from Christopher Haworth, Senior Lecturer in Music at the University of Birmingham for an insight into the work of Xenakis and his influence on music.

What better way to experience the works of Iannis Xenakis than by filling the newly opened Exchange building with his work using revolutionary sound technology. This is a poignant celebration of cross-genre music, science, and the arts as a whole.


Iannis Xenakis  La Legende d’Eer (1978) 45’
Sergio Luque  World Premiere




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