Music Maze in Bloom Collab with National Trust

Composer, Musician, and Sound Arts Duncan Chapman tells us about his experience working with Birmingham schools for our Music Maze in Bloom collab with National Trust! Read more

The Underside of Green with BCMG NEXT

Anna Vaughan, Violinist for BCMG NEXT 22-23 gives us an insight on working with Rebbecca Saunder's piece The Underside of Green with 7 - 11-year-olds and learning this new piece from scratch. Read more

Being part of the fungal network with BCMG NEXT

On 29th Jan our BCMG NEXTies performed their first concert of the year at Symphony Hall! Cellist Finley and Violist Alma share their experience of performing Aileen Sweeney's The Wooden Web, how the tree network inspired them to consider their environmental impact, and the challenges of performing a new piece. Read more

Photography, Violins & Trees

On Sat 18th Feb BCMG will be performing works inspired by nature, with a backdrop of visual explorations of the same theme! Read more about Artist Garry Fabian Miller & the music we will perform surrounded by his work. Read more

BCMG In Bloom 2023

BCMG in Bloom 2023 is a celebration of nature and music, connectivity with other cultures, and a reminder to us all to appreciate the natural world. Read about our new season of events and concerts. Read more

Working with George Lewis as a BCMG NEXT Pianist

An insight into BCMG NEXT Pianist Robert Hao's experience with George Lewis and his jazz-inspired compositions. Read more

A day in the life of a BCMG NEXT Conductor

Otis Lineham, Conductor of BCMG NEXT 22-23 writes about the challenges and processes of learning Artificial Life by George Lewis for our upcoming concert. Read more

Designing a children's workshop around George Lewis's Breaking

On 20th Nov we will be performing composer George Lewis’ new work Breaking. Read how our Director of Learning and Participation designs a children’s composing workshop around his ideas. Read more

Arts Council England Funding

We are grateful that the Arts Council England has recognised the immense contribution that BCMG makes to the contemporary music scene in Birmingham, nationwide and internationally. Read more

The sound of nightlife

BCMG presents Illusions, a concert filled with uncompromising compositions, live electronics, and reflection on desire and loss. Read about how nightlife inspired one of these significant pieces, the Tyranny of Fun. Read more