The Canopy

Composers are always looking for ways to explore new ideas through music. Can seeing something seemingly unrelated through a musical lens shed new light on our understanding of it? 

Joyce Beetuan Koh's Canopy is just that: an interactive sound installation-musical instrument inspired by the mysteries of dark matter. Conceived by the composer Joyce Beetuan Koh, The Canopy provides an aural exploration of the empty space that fills our Universe, and the forces that hold it together; its inhabitants experience what it might sound like to interact with the strange anti-material of which we know so little.

On one hand The Canopy is a sound art piece for all to enjoy, on the other a concert hall concerto instrument capable of the most refined performance.

It is an immersive, musical experience for all who inhabit it. Members of the public are encouraged to have fun interacting with the canopy as a fixed sound art installation, all the while imagining a journey through a dark matter soundscape.

We need your help to make this piece happen. Become a supporter of Joyce's piece and help us explore the mysteries of the physical Universe through sound.

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