Over the last twenty years, BCMG has commissioned several pieces of music for young people, from string quartets to new works for youth orchestras to pieces for classroom ensembles.
Many young people don’t get to play contemporary classical music until they are at music college and even then, it might only be the occasional piece. Many will never encounter a living composer especially those who don’t go on to study music beyond school, let alone get to talk with them about their music whilst rehearsing and performing it.
One of the most recent BCMG commissions for young people is 'Counting Steps' by Celeste Oram which was composed for trumpeter Richard Blake and young Birmingham trumpeter Amelia, and created and performed under lockdown.
As we celebrate 20 years of Learning at BCMG, we would like to share the video of the digital premiere with you again.
Composing for young people is challenging! Support BCMG’s £20 for 20 campaign and help us create more new music for young musicians and give them the opportunity to work with the composers in their realisation.

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