In 2019, BCMG in collaboration with the Central Conservatoire of Music of Beijing launched the 10th China ConTempo Composition Competition, open to composers of any nationality under the age of 35.

The winning works were premiered in Beijing by Ensemble ConTempo and BCMG on 5 November 2019.

1st Prize:

WU Fan 吴凡 (b. 1993)
Moiré Effect 波纹效应

2nd Prize:

MA Xiaoqing 马晓晴 (b. 1996)
After mountain, after rain 雨后重山

3rd Prize:

ZHANG Yao 张雅奥 (b. 1996)
Sky Reflection 天空之镜

QIN Yuxuan 秦钰轩 (b. 1996)
Meeting in the Ocean 在海洋中相遇

Honorary Awards:

CUI Zhehe 崔哲赫 (b. 1997)
Twilight Reflection 暮影

Jakob Stillmark (b. 1994)
Mein ganzer Frühling

LIU Bo 刘博 (b. 1986)
Trace of winter 冬痕

ZHAO Yiru 赵一儒 (b. 2001)
Listen! The Black Soil 听!黑土