For the first time, Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble and Birmingham Contemporary Music Group cooperate and join the stage together, mixing their line up, as well as exchanging some of their repertoire. Following single experiences with composers such as Sergej Newski, we are delighted to have this opportunity for musical exchange, not only of repertoire, but also of performance practice, musical experience and perspectives.

The visit is kindly made possible by support of the British Council.

Concert Programme 


Bryn Harrison  (b. 1969)         Rise (2003), 10’                                               

Cameron Graham (b. 1989)    Kitty… (2018), 7’                                      

Brian Ferneyhough (b. 1943) Cassandra’s Dream Song (1970)8’                            


Brian Ferneyhough (b.1943)   Bone Alphabet (1991)12’    

Christopher Rox (b.1955)       Chile, 10’                                          


Sergej Newski   (b.1972)        Alterations (2007), 13’

Oleg Gudachev  (b.1988)        No/Net, 10’

Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (MCME) was founded in 1990 by Yuri Kasparov, under the patronage of the famous Russian composer Edison Denisov. The ensemble focuses on promoting 20th and 21stcentury music. It is Russia’s foremost contemporary chamber ensemble and consists of some of the best Russian musicians specializing in modern music.

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