Past the Stars 

Music inspired by language and spirituality, performed by BCMG

Town Hall, Birmingham 

20 June 2021, 5pm


Featuring pieces by Sir Harrison Birtwistle and Param Vir, Birmingham Contemporary Music Group is delighted to return to Town Hall, Birmingham, for a full-scale 15-piece performance, Past the Stars.

Past the Stars is a collection of pieces that encompasses everything contemporary music should be: expressive, unexpected, and thought provoking. From Birtwistle’s powerful play on rhythm within Cantus Iambeus,, through Param Vir’s poetic Wheeling Past the Stars, and to the dramatic storytelling piece Hayagriva, each composition takes you on a new emotive journey. Past the Stars is inspired by language and spirituality and elevated by the skill and passion of BCMG’s 15-piece ensemble.

This thought-provoking evening of contemporary music will also feature performances by musicians from BCMG’s NEXT programme. These early-career musicians have been coached by BCMG players in some of the most inspiring and challenging works written in the last 70 years. Past the Stars will be their first public performance of 2021.  

After preparing through multiple lockdowns for the opportunity to perform music as a full ensemble, Birmingham Contemporary Music Group’s patience and efforts have been rewarded.

There will be no interval during this performance.

Geoffrey Paterson Conductor


John Adams – Hallelujah Junction 17’  

Joe Howson - Piano

Mikaela Livadiotis - Piano

Rebecca Saunders – Bite 15  

Gavin Stewart - Bass Flute

Christian Mason – When Joy Became Mixed with Grief 7’  

Olivia Jago - Violin

Param Vir (b.1952) Hayagriva, 13’ (2005) UK

Param Vir (b.1952) Extracts from Wheeling Past the Stars, 10’ (2007)

Sir Harrison Birtwistle (b.1934) Cantus Iambus, 6’ (2004)

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