Alexandra Wood graduated with a starred double first from Selwyn College, Cambridge, before going on to the Royal College of Music, where she was President Emerita Scholar and studied with Itzhak Rashkovsky. She became a Junior Fellow. She has won major prizes at the Wieniawski, Tibor Varga, Lipizer and Yampolsky international violin competitions.

Meet the Artist

What is your earliest memory of music making – how did you come to be a violinist?

My earliest memory is of playing along to twinkle twinkle. My teacher made a tape of all the pieces we would learn, and I listened to it over and over again, joining in ( mostly playing rubbish but  I thought it sounded great!)

Is your family musical?

My mother is a pianist and organist, and so was incredibly helpful with practising etc

What do you find challenging and exciting about working on a newly-commissioned piece?

Working on a newly commissioned piece is exciting. Sometimes it is very obvious what a composer wants, other times less so, but the process of working with them to bring their ‘creation’ to life is fluid, interesting and extremely rewarding.

What works do you enjoy playing the most?

I love the music of Tom Ades: it is complex, and extremely demanding, but well worth all the hard work!

What or who have been the most influences in your musical career?

Oliver Knussen has probably had the most impact on me. An amazing musician, fabulous composer and just the most brilliant conductor! I learnt so much from him, and feel lucky to have worked with him at BCMG.

What is your favourite BCMG memory to date?

My favorite BCMG memory is playing with them at Carnegie Hall.

What concept would you consider most important to impart to aspiring musicians

I think the most important thing for any aspiring musician is to keep trying, keep learning, and to be flexible.