It’s the day after pride month, when corporations have stripped themselves of the rainbow branding and sponsorship, and we carry on as normal. At BCMG we wanted to say a few words on how pride is all year round within the arts.

The arts whether they are visual or audio, thrive because of the uniqueness of their community, and the accepting environments we cultivate. As an organisation where we can be open about who we are, and where expressing ourselves creatively is encouraged, we want to recognise that this isn’t the case for everyone.

There are sadly still places in the world where we have to adjust ourselves, there are still workplaces where individuals feel uncomfortable and fear the reactions of their colleagues. It goes without saying that within the workplace we should provide support and acceptance regardless of gender and sexuality, no one should have to worry about professional prejudice, especially when many people aren't able to be themselves in their personal lives. We would love to see pride month’s values become a simple normality within all organisations.

I am proud that as BCMG’s Executive Director, the fact I am married to a man is not something I have to hide, worry about or be concerned that my choice of partner might affect my professional life. This would not be the case in many other walks of life, or in other countries where living openly would jeopardise my career, or my life. We still have a long way to go, but we celebrate the successes, and thank those who came before us whose courage and determination won us the freedoms I am able to enjoy today.

Seb, He/Him, Executive Director of Birmingham Contemporary Music Group

The arts embrace of everyone is something to be proud of, but we should always strive to do better. At Birmingham Contemporary Music Group our music touches all topics and all aspects of life, we are proud that our openness to music is reflected in the attitudes we have to the world and the individualisms of the people that are part of it. Freedom and staying true to oneself are key when great art is being created.

Art needs, and is, individuality.