Margaret began playing with BCMG about six months after joining the CBSO as principal Contrabassoonist. What she enjoys most is working with composers who really understand and write well for the Contrabassoon. She also takes part in education work and plays the Heckelphone.

What is your earliest memory of music-making – how did you come to be a bassoonist?

My earliest memory, is playing recorder, some percussion, and piano for the school play. I took up the bassoon in High School and the Contrabassoon at Music College

What do you find challenging and exciting about working on a newly-commissioned piece?

The first thing that comes to my mind when I look at the music is ‘Is it playable?’.For me, the composers that I enjoy working with, write interesting and engaging parts. For example, when practicing for my concerto, I enjoyed studying the relationship between the solo part and the orchestra in the score.

What works do you enjoy playing the most?

Any music that has a really interesting Contrabassoon or Bassoon part.

What is your favourite BCMG memory to date?

BCMG Trip to New York

What would you say to musicians looking to become professionals? 

To never forget why one plays an instrument in the first place.....