Croquis Strideurs Programme Note by Nicolas Tzortzis

The title of my piece is a combination of the two inspiration sources: ‘croquis’ refers to the Synesthesia drawings that guided my whole approach and ‘strideurs’, taken from Arthur Rimbaud’s poem Voyelles, where he, in a synesthetic manner, describes all the vowels in the French alphabet.


Nicolas Tzortzis, 2022


Commissioned by Birmingham Contemporary Music Group with financial assistance from the following individuals through BCMG's Sound Investment Scheme: Paul Bond, Christopher Carrier and Nicole Hermanns.


Music & Maths Programme 


Nicolas Tzortzis

Nicolas Tzortzis was born in May 1978 in Athens and has been living in Paris, France since 2002. Their music is characterized by great vivacity, a musical and visual polyphony, the organic incorporation of extra-musical elements and the controlled presence of technology. Awarded and played throughout the world, Nicolas Tzortzis has been following an autonomous path for years, constantly experimenting, questioning mainstream ideas and practices, while avoiding belonging to any particular ‘school’. They find inspiration in their philosophical and political readings (Castoriadis, Delphy, Kondylis, Rumsfeld), pop culture (television series, rock music, documentaries), but also sports and 1920’s surrealism.


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