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Monday 25 October 2021


Robinson College Chapel, Cambridge


Imagine a bell chime: at first you hear the main note in the foreground then you become aware of a surrounding halo of other tones and harmonics. Grisey’s music explores these complex and beautiful haloes of sound. 

In Vortex Temporum, Grisey takes as a starting point a short flourish on the flute; and spins a web of swirling, shimmering and (with the piano retuned) otherworldly sounds. Each of the three movements explores similar ideas at different speeds – from frenetic ‘insect’ time to the super-slow ‘whale’ time of the final section – revealing new insights into these potent musical ideas. Listen to Birmingham Contemporary Music Group's NEXT Musicans perform this revolutionary piece in the Cambridge Music Festival this autumn.

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group NEXT Musicians

Gerard Grisey Vortex Temporum 



Cambridge Music Festival

Cambridge Music Festival was founded in 1991. The Festival now takes place each November and aims to present classical music in bold, imaginative and inspiring ways. In a city that is positively awash with concerts, the Festival aims to present a carefully chosen programme of world-class artists — whether well known figures or rising stars — who would not otherwise visit the city.


Birmingham Contemporary Music Group (BCMG) and Royal Birmingham Conservatoire join forces yearly to offer a unique training programme for music students and professional musicians looking for a career as performers of contemporary music. Read more about NEXT. 

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