An immersive, full-body sensory experience

re_creation is a new cross-artform work for Mirza's arresting 'sound sculptures', Armstrong's contemporary score, with acclaimed soprano Juliet Fraser, and libretto by David Spittle.

In November 2023, BCMG visited artist Haroon Mirza's London studio to interview the artist and composer Lucy Armstrong about their collaboration.

re-creation is a sound installation/performance, complete with light, scent, smoke rings and live musicians, which the audience experiences by moving through the space.

The effect is a full-body sensory experience – and a world away from the usual concert-going norm. Everyday low-end technology, such as light bulbs and used turntables, have been reworked by Haroon to make his sculptures; and his new Dream machine is produced by colourfully enhanced simple LED light-tubes. As they switch on-and-off they also create new sounds, rich in musicality and fascinating to watch. 

World premiere performance 28 January 2023, CBSO Centre, Birmingham.


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