All Sound Investment benefits relate to your chosen commission. Any funds raised in excess of the commission cost will go towards the cost of the performance.

Note Maker

£20 and up or minimum £5 per month*

As a Note Maker you will receive the following benefits:

  • Updates on the composer and the progress of their work
  • Invitation to one rehearsal and special reception at the premiere
  • Opportunity to purchase a signed score

Sound Investor

£150 and up or minimum £15 per month*

As a Sound Investor you will receive all the benefits of a Note Maker, plus:

  • Invitation to rehearsals of your piece
  • Thanked for support in the score
  • A signed copy of the score cover received at the premiere


£500 and up or minimum £50 per month*

Commissioners receive all the benefits of a Sound Investor, plus:

  • Special opportunity to meet the composer and/or performers
  • Invitation to one VIP event
  • Special season review letter from BCMG’s Artistic Director

*for a minimum of 10 months


The composers we commission would no doubt all agree that the music they write changes as they work on it. We keep our supporters up to date with the inevitable yet fascinating developments a piece undergoes during its realisation. 

Furthermore, it can be incredibly insightful when hearing the music for the first time to have had a chance to explore the score first. 


All supporters have the chance to experience a BCMG open rehearsal, the number of which is dependent on your level of support (please see above). 


All supporters have the chance to buy a signed score of the piece they're supporting.

We will contact you ahead of the premiere performance about attending rehearsals and obtaining a signed score.