Are you interested in working with young people and music?

Are you fascinated by the creative aspect of music making?

Do you want to have a portfolio career?

Do you want to make relevant the music of day for a new generation?

Volunteer for BCMG's Learning & Participation Programme 

Being a professional classical musician involves much more then just performing on stage these day. Whether freelance or employed by a salaried orchestra, many musicians choose to make leading or participating in creative workshops a core or additional part to their career. Though the picture has improved enormously, many conservatoires and universities don't prepare musicians for this aspect of a professional music career. This can lead to musicians first experience of this kind of work being in the classroom with an expectant class of 30 children! 

Whether your motivation is to improve your CV, get experience working in this fascinating area or you have aspirations to teach young people, volunteering at BCMG's creative workshops for young people could help you develop your future career. 

Volunteers in BCMG's creative workshops support: 

  • support small group activity
  • help children with additional needs access the workshop fully
  • assist with instrumental technique and learning
  • help get out, organise and put away instruments and other resources 

For more details about our Learning & Participation Programme look at the Learn & Take part pages on this website.

If interested please contact [email protected]