A Dust in Time 

Recorded live on 1 September 2020 at CBSO Centre, Birmingham.

No matter who you are and where you are, we are all affected by this apparently endless pandemic.  Most of us have experienced moments during this global crisis where time and space seem to be slowed or frozen.  For some of us, memories, feelings, and lives are forever trapped in that slowly frozen time and space.  This ongoing crisis has affected our current life and maybe even our life in the future.  This special piece is created for the people affected by the pandemic, giving them a piece of music to reflect, to express, to heal, to find internal peace, strength, and hope.  A Dust in Time: Passacaglia for Strings is written for strings, and can be performed by string quartet, string ensemble, or string orchestra.  It has three versions in duration: The original 60 minutes version, the shorter version of 32 minutes, and the longer version of 120 minutes. 

Huang Ruo, 2020

To find out more about composer Huang Ruo and his music, please visit www.huangruo.com

Huang Ruo speaks about 'A Dust in Time'

BCMG String Quartet

Kate Suthers | violin I 
Colette Overdijk | violin II
Adam Romer | viola
Ulrich Heinen | cello

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