Jenny Wood was BCMG’s learning trainee in 2014-15, and has recently returned to the position of Learning Co-ordinator, responsible for out-of-school and higher education projects. She combines this with a busy schedule of teaching and performing.

Jenny writes:

The traineeship gave me invaluable practical and administrative experience in an environment filled with highly supportive staff who were keen to help me develop my own skills and personal practice. I was involved with a diverse range of events including workshops that were part of the In-School & Out-of-School programmes, drop-in sessions that were ran as part of the Family Arts Festival week and the wonderful family and schools BCMG concerts. I had the opportunity to work alongside and learn from talented team members, professional animateurs and word class musicians in a setting I was keen to progress into. Working as part of BCMG’s fantastic team gave me the chance to see how an arts organization works both individually and as part of larger cultural community.

The practical work paired with frequent opportunities to share personal reflections and receive constructive feedback helped me to develop a deeper understanding of project planning, development, management and evaluation. I learnt how to use databases and booking systems, develop spreadsheets, manage budgets and edit website content. These transferrable skills have been extremely useful going forwards.

If you would like to apply to be BCMG's 2019-20 learning trainee, please click here for more information.