Learning trainee from 2015-16


Jeremy Clay is currently a Teaching Fellow in Professional Development and Outreach as well as Project Manager of In Harmony Telford & Stoke

I found being the BCMG Learning Trainee gave me a fantastic springboard into my current career. I was able to spend the year learning how to run, manage and deliver high quality music workshops. The trainee year gave a really good insight into working for a professional organisation and what that entails. I was able to tailor the traineeship to a certain extent to match my skills and interests but was also pushed to improve at the aspects I found challenging. The breadth of experience I gained was invaluable, and I finished the year knowing a lot more about the behind-the-scenes work that goes on with a Learning department of a professional organisation, as well as a great knowledge of pedagogy and delivery skills for education.

The trainee year was a great kick start to my career – I actually stayed at BCMG as Learning Co-ordinator for a number of years, going on to work as a freelance music practitioner across the midlands. Now I am Teaching Fellow in Outreach and Professional Development at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, helping introduce the students there to the world of music education and community engagement and supporting their learning. I work with children and young people across the country, supporting their music education in a variety of ways.

The skills I learnt through my trainee year at BCMG proved to be an invaluable building block to my current position.

 © Jeremy Clay

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