Do we need a new compass? | BCMG NEXT

17 March 2022, 1pm

Symphony Hall Jennifer Blackwell Performance Space

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Addressing the need for new directions in contemporary music, bringing our concert culture up to the tempo of global developments, and updating our international musical co-ordinates, composers are answering the question, Do we need a new compass?

During a time when global connectivity is both revolutionised by technology, and held back by politics and pandemic, we are determined to move into a better future together. Do we need a new compass sees 3 concerts in 3 countries, by 3 ensembles; FontanaMIX Ensemble, Das Neue Ensemble, and of course Birmingham Contemporary Music Group. 

We will also see a performance of Pierrot Lunaire by our early career NEXT musicians. Join us for a lunch time concert with chamber works by composers Kaspar Querfurth, Daniele Ghisi and others.




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