Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing
Tuesday 5 November 2019

Stephan Meier Conductor

The 10th China ConTempo Composition Competition was jointly organised by BCMG and the Central Conservatory of Music of Beijing. The competition received 30 entries from China, the United States, Germany and other countries. The six judges at home and abroad independently scored all the entries processed anonymously and we are now delighted to perform the winning pieces:

Third Prize

ZHANG Yao 张雅奥 (b. 1996)
Sky Reflection 天空之镜

QIN Yuxuan 钰轩 (b. 1996)
Meeting in the Ocean 在海洋中相遇

Second Prize

MA Xiaoqing 马晓晴 (b. 1996)
After mountain, after rain 雨后重山

First Prize

WU Fan 吴凡  (b. 1993)
Moiré Effect 波纹效应

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