Sat 7 October 2023, 7.30 pm

The Exchange, Birmingham

Ticket price: General £15, Student £5, Concessions £10

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In another electrifying collaboration, BCMG and the ground-breaking BEAST of University of Birmingham join forces once again to push the boundaries of sonic artistry in celebration of György Ligeti’s centenary. Experience the magic of Ligeti's compositions, enhanced by the cutting-edge technology of BEAST, the artistry of Rob Hao, and 100 volunteer performers!


Want to be involved?

We are inviting up to 100 music lovers to participate in a DIY performance of one of Ligeti’s most iconic pieces of the 20th century, Poème symphonique for 100 metronomes. Read more and book to take part.


György Ligeti

Poème symphonique for 100 metronomes (1962) performed by 100 volunteers

Articulation (1956) for stereo tape, performed by BEAST

Piano Etudes 2, 4, 8, for solo piano, performed by Rob Hao 


BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre) are a leading research unit and collective of composers, sound artists, and researchers based at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. BEAST specialises in the field of electroacoustic music and sound art, focusing on the creation, performance, and exploration of experimental sound compositions. BEAST collaborates with musicians, composers, and institutions to deliver innovative performances, installations, and educational programs centred around the exploration of sound in both artistic and academic contexts.



György Ligeti (1923-2006) was a Hungarian composer and pioneer of contemporary classical music. Known for his innovative and exploratory compositions, Ligeti pushed the boundaries of harmony, rhythm, and form. His works, such as "Atmosphères" and "Requiem," featured intricate textures and unconventional soundscapes. Ligeti's contributions have had a profound impact on the world of music, earning him prestigious awards and recognition. He remains a celebrated figure in 20th-century music, leaving behind a lasting legacy of artistic exploration and sonic innovation.

Ligeti's music gained significant exposure through its inclusion in several films, most famously in Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968), where pieces like "Atmosphères," "Lux Aeterna," and "Requiem" were featured. Ligeti's music has also appeared in other films, including "The Shining" (1980) and "Eyes Wide Shut" (1999).


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