Sun 23 June 2024, 4.30 pm

CBSO Centre, Birmingham

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 As the second half of BCMG's mesmerising journey into the realm of Noh Theatre, we present two new pieces of music by internationally renowned composers Ben Nobuto and Hollie Harding, after their intensive exploration of ancient Noh Theatre traditions during their visit to Japan. Hear new music performed by Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, infused with ancient traditions, Japanese culture and sonic drama.

Noh theatre is an ancient Japanese performing art that has captivated audiences for centuries, these two newly commissioned pieces of music have been written under the guidance of some its most skilled interpreters, in a very special 2-year cultural exchange between traditional Noh artists and contemporary composers, facilitated by MU:Arts.

Experience new music, old stories told in new ways and hear the world-class musicians of BCMG perform daring new works inspired by another culture.

Hollie Harding (b.1986) NOH TRIPTYCH (2024) Sound Investment World Premiere

Ben Nobuto (b.1996) interbeing (2024) Sound Investment World Premiere

Toshio Hosokawa (b.1955) Slow Dance (1996)

Misato Mochizuki (b.1969) Voilages (2000)

 What is Noh?

Noh is a traditional Japanese theatre form that originated in the 14th and 15th centuries. It was developed by renowned performer-playwrights Kannami and Zeami. Zeami, considered a genius actor and playwright, transformed street entertainment into a refined art. Many of his plays are still performed today.

Noh gained popularity under the patronage of Ashikaga Yoshimitsu and became the official art of the military government in the Edo period. Though it lost governmental support during the Meiji period, Noh made a comeback through the dedication of performers and private sponsors. Presently, it has a dedicated following and around 1,500 professional performers.

Noh plays are categorized into gods, warriors, beautiful women, miscellaneous figures, and supernatural beings. The main character often appears with companions, and the waki plays a secondary role. A chorus narrates the story, while instrumentalists provide music. Noh's stylized movement, masks, exquisite costumes, and symbolic staging create a unique and powerful theatrical experience.

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