Sternklang in Cologne

Saturday 27 Aug 19:30 (UTC+02)

Schlosspark Brühl, Festival Acht Brücken

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Join BCMG and hear the stars during this magical performance.

Described as a "twilight fantasy", Sternklang (Star Sound, in English) is an outdoor performance under an open sky, with a clear view of the stars. Singers and instrumentalists are placed in far apart groups across the sound field and will read some of their notes directly from the stars above. 

Constellations such as Lion, Ursa Minor, and Cassiopeia provided Stockhausen with the inspiration for this spiritual music, and we hope you'll be able to experience them with us during this very special event. Read more about Sternklang.


"Sternklang is music for concentrated listening in meditation, for the sinking of the individual into the cosmic whole".  



Karlheinz Stockhausen Sternklang (1971) Park music for five groups 


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